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Safety Glasses

Our safety glasses apparatus is a protective device designed to safeguard your eyes in various industrial and laboratory environments. It consists of a durable frame that comfortably fits around your head, along with impact-resistant lenses that shield your eyes from potential hazards such as flying debris, chemicals, or harmful radiation. The lenses are often made from polycarbonate, which provides excellent clarity and resistance to impact. The frame may include adjustable features for a secure and personalized fit, ensuring optimal comfort during extended use. Our safety glasses apparatus prioritizes your eye safety without compromising your vision or comfort, making it an essential accessory in environments where eye protection is paramount.


For many learners high school is not enough to prepare them for what they are to face at first year university. They find themselves completely overwhelmed and intimidated by what is expected of them to be able to do in a laboratory.

Unfortunately many learners who want to pursue science subjects go through this dilemma, few as they are because fact is SA is not producing enough learners who will become engineers, doctors, science researchers, let alone science innovators.

To address this, we developed a chemistry kits with 52 experiments for use by learners at home. This gives them an opportunity to gain hand-on exposure and engagement, confidence and understanding they need to study sciences further.

The kit comes with a manual explaining how science is experienced in daily life and therefore brings awareness of the application and usefulness of science, helping the learner relate to what they learn at school.

Some schools do have kits where only the teacher demonstrates the experiments and this is great, but you don’t master driving by watching the driving instructor, you must get in the driver’s seat yourself.

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