Frequently Asked Questions

Most experiments can be performed twice, especially the ones where solid chemicals are supplied. Only a few experiments needing liquid chemicals supplied can be repeated. Refill chemicals can then be used.

Yes it is available, but it is not part of the general order. It is available on special request at a cost of R99.

Yes we do, at a cost. The cost of travelling must be covered by the customer.

This depends. Johannesburg takes 1- 2 days, Cape Town takes 2-3 days, for Durban, delivery takes places the day after the order. The option to collect at the premises is also available. Non-city areas take 5-7 days.

To see the details, click on the kit you are interested in and download “contents and experiments pdf”

If you child is in high school, they should be able to follow instructions. Watching the videos provided should also help. For younger kids, we advise that you supervise them.

Caution must be taken when using the items in the kit. A few experiments require that you light them with a match and therefore there will be a fire, but not enough to cause an explosion.

The product price excludes delivery costs and this varies between R60 to R285 depending on area of delivery. 


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