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What Nkazi sciences does

What Inspires nkazi sciences?

It is not right for any student to do science experiments for the first time when they get to university, yet thousands of learners find themselves in this position. This is a personal experience, and we do not want anyone to go through it because they should not.

Our Story

When I was 16 years old I realised that my future was never going to happen the way that I imagined and it wasn’t my fault. I was capable but disempowered. High school didn’t prepare me for a university education. I got to do science experiments for the first time at university, and because of that, I lost my confidence and didn’t do well enough to get into medical school. Unfortunately, thousands of learners go through this experience every year and this is not right! 

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade, this eventuality defined my new purpose in life. I couldn’t become a doctor, but I now have an opportunity to prepare and help others become the scientists they aspire to be through ChemStart. ChemStart is a portable science kit that makes science fun and comes to life. It provides hands-on interaction with science concepts and their application in real life. 




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