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What we do
we are Nkazimulo Applied Sciences and we help young people become scientists while making science fun and interesting.

Why we do this
we believe in a South Africa where every young person has an opportunity to fall in love with science by having access to learning tools that allow them to reach their full potential and become what they want to be. But the current situation is that an overwhelming number of schools in SA have no lab facilities thus making it difficult for learners going through these schools to be inspired, choose and excel in science subjects.

How we do this
We manufacture a portable science kit called ChemStart. This kit has experiments that young person can perform at school and/or home. ChemStart links science concepts with their application in real life thus helping young people understand how knowledge is applied. The experience of performing the experiments engages young people fully, helping them better grasp science concepts and also gain confidence in handling lab tools. ChemStart is aligned with CAPS
We do science demos at schools where we get young people excited about science and to show that science is cool, not scary. The experiments are presented in an interesting, professional manner and presented with a dash of humour. Each demo links the science learned in class, the “wow” factor of the demo and the application of the science in real life. We encourage learners to ask questions and find out how things are made, how they work and how they can be improved upon. We believe that knowledge and understanding are the building blocks of innovation.
The Inspiration: Bathabile, the co-founder wanted to become a doctor when she grew up, but the foundation obtained at school, didn’t prepare her to fulfil her dream. She couldn’t become a doctor and now her mission is to help others become scientists they want to become.


A basic illustration of what we do
The Concept
Acid-base reaction- this reaction results in a salt being produced and a gas being released

The Demo

  1. Mix the acid and base
  2. Let the carbon dioxide collect at the bottom of the beaker
  3. Pour it on a lit candle

What learners see
The magical extinguishing of the candle by pouring an empty jar onto the flame


The Application
The application for the learner and the school are as follows:

  1. Fire extinguishers contain very compressed carbon dioxide, which is used to extinguish fires
  2. An acid-base reaction is experienced at home during baking. The baking powder is a combination of an acid and a base. When mixed with all the liquid ingredients, the reaction takes place and carbon dioxide is released and it raises the dough!

The Benefits
The benefit for the learner and the school is the ability to

  1. Visualise and understand science concepts
  2. Get the relevance and application of chemical science
  3. Be aware of their own interaction and application of chemical science in daily life


We manufacture and supply science kits for use by high school learners at home for hands on experience and engagement to improve science understanding and performance. We also perform science experiments at schools.


Do you want access to quality science education at a fair price? Every child should make a career decision after having gone through the ChemStart Kit. If you want to be adequately prepared for tertiary science education